JUNE    2009                     Volume 19, No. 1

Kyu-Tek Park: Two new species of the genus Tisis Walker and Synersaga Gozmany (Lepidoptera, Lecithoceridae) from Thailand 

David J. L. Agassiz and David M. Harper: The Macrolepidoptera fauna of Acacia in the Kenyan Rift Valley (Part 1) 

David J. L. Agassiz: The Macrolepidoptera fauna of Acacia in the Kenyan Rift Valley (Part 2 - Description of new species)

André Victor Lucci Freitas, Lucas Augusto Kaminski, Ricardo Gabriel Mattos and Karina Lucas Silva-Brandão: Immature stages of the Andean butterfly Actinote rufina (Nymphalidae: Heliconiinae: Acraeini) 

Szabolcs Sáfián and Torben B. Larsen: Ecology, behavior, and immature stages of three species of Cerautola (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae, Epitolini) 

George T. Austin: Nymphalidae of of Rondônia, Brazil: variation and phenology of Agrias (Charaxinae) 

Douglas C. Ferguson: A revision of the red-brown caberine geometrids of the southeastern United States (Geometridae: Caberini)

Jason P. W. Hall and Keith R. Willmott: Two new species of Euselasia (Riodinidae: Euselasiinae) from Western Ecuador 

Andres O. Angulo and Tania S. Olivares: Scientific Note: Real larva of Castnia eudesmia

Eric Garraway, Catherine P. Murphy and Grace-Ann Allen: Papilio demoleus (the lime swallowtail) in Jamaica, a potential pest of citrus, expanding its range in the Caribbean. 

Book reviews:

                Butterflies of the Cayman Islands   Askew, R. R. & P. A. van B. Stafford (2008).  Review by Andrei Sourakov 

                Mariposas de Canandé. Sus Amenazas, Potencial y Futuro. [The Butterflies of Canandé. Their Threats, Potential and Future.] María F. Checa Villafuerte (2008).   Review by Keith Willmott 

                Gelechiidae of the Korean peninsula and adjacent territories (Lepidoptera). Insects of Korea, 12: 1–[307]. 2007. K. T. Park & M. G. Ponomarenko.Review by Ronald Hodges

 FRONT COVER:   Agrias claudina (Nymphalidae), Ecuador. ©Keith R. Willmott, 2008. Back cover - A. claudina, wing fragment, ©Andrei Sourakov.

PUBLICATION DATE:  June 1, 2009  ISSN:  1941-7659

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