TROPICAL LEPIDOPTERA  Research  Volume 23, Number 2, Supplement 1, December 2013

DECEMBER 2013 Volume 23, No. 2, Supplement 1 (Contributions to the studies of the genus Potamanaxas)
1 Grishin: Adding to the rich fauna of the Chocó region in Ecuador, a new species of Potamanaxas (Hesperiidae: Pyrginae: Erynnini)
6 Grishin: A new Potamanaxas (Hesperiidae: Pyrginae: Erynnini), patterned like P. bana, but with sickle-armed genitalia, not chicken claws
10 Grishin: An enigmatic new Potamanaxas (Hesperiidae: Pyrginae: Erynnini) is a visual mosaic of characters from distantly related species
13 Grishin: Two new species of Potamanaxas (Hesperiidae: Pyrginae: Erynnini)—one of them, P. melicertes of Evans, was mentioned but not named by Godman and Salvin