Volume 12, Number 1-2


Lura Kassarov,  Is Aposematism a Valid Concept in Predator-Prey Relationships between Birds and Butterflies?  A Different Point of View                                                       

Thomas C. Emmel,   Book Review:  Butterflies of Australia:  Their Identification, Biology and Distribution  by Michael F. Braby

James T. Costa, Terrence D. Fitzgerald, and Daniel H. Janzen, Trail-following Behavior and Natural History of the Social Caterpillar of  Arsenura armida in Costa Rica (LEPIDOPTERA: SATURNIIDAE:  ARSENURINAE)

J.B. Heppner, Book Review:  Fluttering Encounters in the Amazing Archipelago by J. Pasternak

Manuel Balcázar-Lara and Keith R. Willmott, A New Subspecies of Adelpha erymanthis from Mexico, With a Key to Identification of Similar Taxa

                                        (LEPIDOPTERA:  NYMPHALIDAE:  LIMENITIDINI)

Keith R. Willmott and Jason P.W. Hall,   Taxonomic Notes on the Genus Zaretis, with the Description of a New Species

                                        (LEPIDOPTERA:  NYMPHALIDAE:  CHARAXINAE)

Jason P.W. Hall and Donald J. Harvey, Five New Riodinid Species from the Napo Region of Ecuador and Peru

                                        (LEPIDOPTERA:  RIODINIDAE)

J.B. Heppner, Book Review:  The Life Histories of the Taiwanese Theclini by H. Uchida

John V. Calhoun,  Massing of Urania  fulgens at Lights in Belize  (LEPIDOPTERA:  URANIIDAE)

Index  Volume 12

Front Cover:  Sinna calospila Walker (Noctuidae), Borneo (©2004 C. C. Lin)

Publication date:  23 December 2004


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