Membership in the Association for Tropical Lepidoptera is open to anyone interested in moths and butterflies, with emphasis on tropical species, their study and conservation.
Benefits of membership include the biannual journal Tropical Lepidoptera Research.

Payment may be made by check drawn on U.S. bank (see printer friendly form, below) or for your convenience, online by PayPal. A PayPal account is not required for payment--you may pay directly with a debit or credit card. Please remember to select your country of origin, if your credit or debit card is not of U.S. origin.

ANNUAL DUES 1. $95 Regular Membership, includes full membership in  ATL plus  current year  issues of the journal Tropical Lepidoptera Research,  as well as all supplements and newsletters.

2. $125Regular Membership, delivered outside USA, includes $30 foreign postage.
3. $50 Student Member.
4. $80 Student Member, delivered outside USA,  includes $30 foreign postage.
NEW MEMBER SPECIAL:   $80 for first year membership, anytime during the year.

LIFE MEMBERSHIP:  $2500 one time payment 

BACK ISSUES:  all issues of ATLjournals are available at $50 per year ($35 per year for Lepidoptera News)    Contact for back issues.

CONTRIBUTIONS (your contributions are much needed for ATL endowments and goals):  

Email Keith Willmott,, with instructions for use of donation:  General Fund, Publication Fund, Endowment Fund, Conservation Fund, Other

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Keith Willmott, Treasurer, ATL
P. O. Box 141210
FL 32614-1210, USA