MAY/NOVEMBER 2006                                                       

Volume 17, Number 1-2


Steven Fratello,   Eurytides and other Costa Rican Osa Peninsula Surprises

Thomas C. Emmel, A Record of Aphrissa neleis in North Florida (LEPIDOPTERA: PIERIDAE)

Stefan Schröder,   On the Female of Prosotas maputi from the Philippines (LEPIDOPTERA: LYCAENIDAE)

Andrés M. Orellana B.,   Notes on the Genus Memphis:  Hiterto Unknown Females, New Records from Venezuela and comments on M. wellingi (LEPIDOPTERA: NYMPHALIDAE: CHARAXINAE)

John B. Heppner,  Notes on Iophanus pyrrhias in Guatemala (LEPIDOPTERA: LYCAENIDAE)

Brian Finegan,  Notes on Memphis aulica in Costa Rica, with a Description of the Female (LEPIDOPTERA: NYMPHALIDAE: CHARAXINAE)

Mirna M. Casagrande and Olaf H. H. Mielke,  Sobre a Bionomia de Eryphanis reevesii (LEPIDOPTERA: NYMPHALIDAE:  BRASSOLINAE)

J.B. Heppner, Book review: GEOMETRID MOTHS OF THE WORLD: A Catalogue (Lepidoptera, Geometridae), editied by M. Scoble

Andrew Atkins, Biology and Taxonomic Status of the Skipper, Mimene wara, from Eastern Papua New Guinea (LEPIDOPTERA: HESPERIIDAE: HESPERIINAE)

Marcela A. Rodríguez y Andrés O. Angulo,  Macromphalia ancilla:  Estados Imaduros, Morfologia y Biologia en Chile (LEPIDOPTERA: LASIOCAMPIDAE)

J. B. Heppner, Charles Bordelon, and Ed Knudson,  Trotorhombia metachromata: A Tropical Crenulate Moth New to Florida and Texas (LEPIDOPTERA: EPIPLEMIDAE)

Mutsunori Tokeshi, Makoto Yoko-O, J.R. Pahlano Daud and Martin Domits, Hypolycaena erylus  feeding on Mangrove Apple and Attended by Oecophylla Weaver Ants, in North Sulawesi, Indonesia (LEPIDOPTERA: LYCAENIDAE)

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Front Cover:  Panthiades bathildis (C. & R. Felder) (Lycaenidae), Mexico (©2007 J.P. Brock).

Publication Date:  20 December 2007


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