Tropical Lepidoptera Research                                                                                                                                       

JUNE 2008            Volume 18, Number 1


Andrei Sourakov,    Letter from the Editor

John W. Brown and Furumi Komai,  Key to Larvae of Castanea-Feeding Olethreutinae Frequently Intercepted at U.S. Ports-of-Entry (Lepidoptera:  Tortricidae)

Eurides Furtado,   Intergeneric Hybridism Between Prepona and Agrias (LEPIDOPTERA: NYMPHALIDAE, CHARAXINAE)

Eurides Furtado,  Protesilaus orthosilaus and its Immature Stages (LEPIDOPTERA: PAPILIONIDAE, PAPILIONINAE)

Mirna M. Casagrande and Olaf H. H. Mielke,  A Note on the Life History of Caligo brasiliensis brasiliens  is (LEPIDOPTERA: NYMPHALIDAE, MORPHINAE)

Karel Spitzer and Josef Jaroš,   Annotated Checklist of the Butterflies (Papilionoidea) of the Nam Cat Tien Reserve (South Vietnam)

André Victor Lucci Freitas and Keith S. Brown Jr.,  Immature Stages of Ithomia salapia ardea  (LEPIDOPTERA:  NYMPHALIDAE, ITHOMIINAE)

Mark A. Travassos, Philip J. Devries, and Naomi E. Pierce,  A Novel Organ and Mechanism for Larval Sound Production in Butterfly Caterpillars:  Eurybia elvina  (LEPIDOPTERA: RIODINIDAE)

John Mathew, Mark A. Travassos, Michael R. Canfield, Darlyne A Murawski, Roger L. Kitching, and Naomi E. Pierce,   The Singing Reaper:  Diet, Morphology and Vibrational Signaling in the Nearctic Species Feniseca tarquinius  (LEPIDOPTERA: LYCAENIDAE, MILETINAE)

André Victor Lucci Freitas,  Description of the Early Stages of Leucidia (LEPIDOPTERA:  PIERIDAE)

Gregory R. Ballmer,  Life History of Purlisa gigantea  in South Thailand (LEPIDOPTERA: LYCAENIDAE, THECLINI)

Andrei Sourakov and Thomas C. Emmel,   Life History and Karyology of Paralasa nepalica (LEPIDOPTERA: NYMPHALIDAE, SATYRINAE)

Eric Garraway, Herlitz A. Davis, Noel Snyder, and Audette J.A. Bailey,    New Populations of the Jamaican Giant Swallowtail, Papilio (Pterourus) homerus (LEPIDOPTERA: PAPILIONIDAE)

Keith R. Willmott and Gerardo Lamas, A Revision of the Genus Megoleria (LEPIDOPTERA: NYMPHALIDAE, ITHOMIINAE)

Curtis John Callaghan,  The Biology of Rhamma arria in Columbia (LEPIDOPTERA:  LYCAENIDAE)

Front Cover:  Phoebis philea thalestris (Pieridae), Lago Enriquillo, Dominican Republic;  ŠAndrei Sourakov, 2001

Publication Date: June 1, 2008                                        ISSN:  1941-7659