HOLARCTIC LEPIDOPTERA                                                                          

Volume 7, Number 1 

Józef Razowski,   The Institute of Systematics and Evolutions of Animals, of the Polish Academy of Sciences, in Kraków, Poland

David B. Ritland and Lincoln P. Brower,  Mimicry-related Variation in Wing Color of Viceroy Butterflies (Limenitis archippus):

                        a Test of the Model-Switching Hypothesis (LEPIDOPTERA: NYMPHALIDAE)

Thomas C. Emmel,   Book reviews:  Butterflies of Islamabad and the Murree Hills  by Syed Azhar Hasan

                                                             Biodiversity of Pakistan ed. by Shahzad A. Mufti, Charles A. Woods, and Syed Azhar Hasan

John V. Calhoun, Jeffrey R. Slotten, and Mark H. Salvato,  The Rise and Fall of Tropical Blues in Florida:  Cyclargus ammon  and Cyclargus thomasi bethunebakeri

                    (LEPIDOPTERA:  LYCAENIDAE)

Ann B. Swengel and Scott R. Swengel, Observations on Lycaeides in the Northern Midwest, USA (LEPIDOPTERA:  LYCAENIDAE)

J.B. Heppner,  Book review:  Systematics of North American Butterflies by Thomas C. Emmel (editor)


Front Cover:  Chlosyne palla (Boisduval) (Nymphalidae), California, USA (©2002 L. Simon)

Back Cover:  Papilio glaucus Linnaeus (Papilionidae), Kentucky, USA (©2002 W. Reinthal)


Publication date:   20 December 2002


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