Volume 7, Number 2

Cheryl Frankfater and J. Mark Scriber,  Contact Chemoreception Guides Oviposition of Two Lauraceae-Specialized

                                        Swallowtail Butterflies (LEPIDOPTERA:  PAPILIONIDAE)

David Tesar and J. Mark Scriber,  Growth Season Constraints in Climatic Cold Pockets:  Tolerance of Subfreezing Temperatures and Compensatory Growth by Tiger

                                        Swallowtail Butterfly Larvae (LEPIDOPTERA:  PAPILIONIDAE)

P. A. Opler, Three New Schinia from the Western United States (LEPIDOPTERA:  NOCTUIDAE:  HELIOTHINAE)

James K. Adams, Bagisara laverna from Southeastern Arizona:  A New United States Record  (LEPIDOPTERA:  NOCTUIDAE:  BAGISARINAE)

J. Donald Lafontaine and Terhune S. Dickel,  A New Autographa from Colorado (LEPIDOPTERA:  NOCTUIDAE:  PLUSIINAE)

David Adamski,  A New Blastobasis Associated with Acorns and Pecans in the Southeastern and Southcentral United States (LEPIDOPTERA:

                                        COLEOPHORIDAE:  BLASTOBASINAE)

Thomas C. Emmel,  Book review:  A Field Guide to Western Butterflies   by  Paul A. Opler

Jerry A. Powell, Paul Russell, Sandra Russell and F.A.H. Sperling,  Northward Expansion of Two Mint-Feeding Species of Pyrausta in California

                                        (LEPIDOPTERA:  PYRALOIDEA:  CRAMBIDAE)

Jeffrey R. Slotten and Wayne Miller,  Occurrence of Eupyrrhoglossum sagra and Perigonia lusca in Florida (LEPIDOPTERA:  SPHINGIDAE)


Front Cover:     Luehdorfia puziloi        (Erschoff) (Papilionidae), Japan (2003 N. Hishikawa).

Back Cover:  Euristrymon favonius  (J.E. Smith) (Lycaenidae), Florida ( 2003 L. Simon).                                                                                                      

Publication Date:  10 January 2004


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