Volume 10, Number 1-2

George O. Krizek and Paul A. Opler, Butterfly Habitats in the Eastern United States

Jean-François Landry, Two New Species of Coleophora  from the New World, with Record of a New Hostplant Family for Coleophorines (LEPIDOPTERA:  COLEOPHORIDAE:  COLEOPHORINAE)

 Thomas C. Emmel,   Book review:  Guide to the Butterflies of Russia and Adjacent Territories, Volume 2, libytheidae, Danaidae, Nymphalidae, Riodinidae, Lycaenidae by V. K. Tuzov, P.V. Bogdanov, S.V. Churkin, A.V. Dantchenko, A.L. Devyatkin, V.S. Murzin, G.D. Samodurov, and A.B. Zhdanko

Ann B. Swengel and Scott R. Swengel, Influences of Timing and Population Density on the Sex Ratio of the Regal Fritillary, Speyeria idalia(LEPIDOPTERA:  NYMPHALIDAE)

J.B. Heppner, Notes on the Plaster Bagworm, Phereoeca uterella, in Florida (LEPIDOPTERA:  TINEIDAE)

Julian P. Donahue and H.H. Neunzig, Two New Dioryctria from California (LEPIDOPTERA:  PYRALIDAE:  PHYCITINAE)

Patti Valella and J. Mark Scriber, Latitudinal Variation in Photoperiodic Induction of Pupal Diapause in the Spicebush Swallowtail Butterfly, Papilio troilus (LEPIDOPTERA: PAPILIONIDAE)

J.B. Heppner, Book reviews:  The Butterflies of Turkmenistan by Vadim V. Tshikolovets: The Butterflies of Sakhalin in Nature by J. Asahi, S. Kanda, M. Kawata, and Y. Kohara

Mark D. Deering, Tracey Haslitt, and J. Mark Scriber, Temperature Determines Diapause Termination in Papilio troilus (LEPIDOPTERA:  PAPILIONIDAE)

J.B. Heppner and J.R. Brushwein,  Gulf Fritillary, Agraulis vanillae, with Light Larval Variants in Florida (LEPIDOPTERA:  NYMPHALIDAE)

J. Mark Scriber and Nicolas Margraf, Suitability of Florida Red Bay and Silk Bay for Papilio palamedes Butterfly Larvae (LEPIDOPTERA:  PAPILIONIDAE)

Thomas C. Emmel,  Book review:  The Butterflies of Uzbekistan  by Vadim V. Tshikolovets

Mark H. Salvato,  Butterfly Conservation and Hostplant Fluctuations:  The Relationship Between Strymon acis bartrami and Anaea troglodyta floridalis on Croton linearis in Florida (LEPIDOPTERA:  LYCAENIDAE AND NYMPHALIDAE)

Thomas C. Emmel, Book review:  THE AURELIAN  LEGACY:  British Butterflies and Their Collectors  by Michael A. Salman

Jürgen H. R. Thiele, The Subgenus Zerynthia in France (LEPIDOPTERA: PAPILIONIDAE: PARNASSIINAE)                        

Index to Volume 10

Front Cover:  Inachis io (Linnaeus) (Nymphalidae), Europe (©2005 L. Simon)

Publication date:  30 December 2005


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